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CPIB Corporate Video

Check out this video by the CPIB on Singapore's history and legacy in the fight against corruption.

Public Education Video for General Public

Can't seem to grasp the concept of corruption? This video shows you what you should know about corruption in Singapore. 

Public Education Video for Students

Guess what, anyone is susceptible to corruption. This video talks about the value of integrity and how it can steer you onto the right path in life. 

Public Education Video for Public Officers

Integrity is a core value of Singapore's public service, for with integrity, citizens can trust that we will carry out our duties fairly and impartially. Watch how you can exemplify integrity through your words and actions. 

Public Education Video for Private Sector

Learn how companies can safeguard Singapore's hard earned reputation and uphold the integrity of their organisations for the benefit of their business.  

Don't stray. Corruption never pays.

There are different forms of corruption. It's not always about money. Watch this video clip and learn more about what can constitute corruption.

It's not a practice. It's not a norm. It's corruption. 

Some industries have their customary practices and traditions which they think are norms. Do not be mistaken. Some so-called "norms" are actually corrupt practices. 

Greed can have far-reaching consequences. Say NO to corruption. 

A seemingly harmless illegal act can have wider implications. Don't be blinded by greed. Corruption can have far-reaching consequences.

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Last updated: 21 Dec 2018