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Transparency International
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About Transparency International

Transparency International (TI) is an international non-governmental organization set up to tackle the issue of corruption around the world. It is present in more than 100 countries and works with partners in government, business and civil society to put effective measures in place to tackle corruption. TI publishes an annual Corruption Perceptions Index and Global Corruption Barometer, a comparative listing of corruption worldwide.

About the Corruption Perceptions Index

First launched in 1995, the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) by TI has been widely credited with putting the issue of corruption on the international policy agenda. Using expert assessments and opinion surveys, the CPI measures and ranks countries and territories based on the perceived levels of public sector corruption. The latest 2016 CPI draws on data sources from independent institutions specialising in governance and business climate analysis. The sources include the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Asian Intelligence Report, World Bank - Country Policy and Institutional Assessment, Economist Intelligence Unit Country Risk Ratings, World Justice Project Rule of Law Index, World Economic Forum Executive Opinion Survey among others.

Around the world

The CPI currently ranks 180 countries on a scale from 100 (very clean) to 0 (highly corrupt). Below is a world map showing the results of the 2017 CPI. High numbers (yellow) indicate less perception of corruption, whereas lower numbers (red) indicate higher perception of corruption.

TI-CPI 2017 Global Results

Topping the 2017 CPI list is New Zealand and Denmark, which are at first and second place respectively. Finland, Norwayand Switzerland are tied for third place. 

Singapore’s ranking

Since its inception, Singapore has been ranked consistently among one of the least corrupt countries in the world.  In the last 5 years, Singapore has been placed among the top 10 globally, and was tied at 6th place with Sweden in 2017. 

TI - CPI Results 2017 - Singapore

To learn more about Transparency Index or to view the full results, you can visit http://www.transparency.org/

Last updated: 07 May 2018