Stained With Corruption

Stained With Corruption


           On 16 October 2018 2018, one Nurul Aizat Bin Zainudin was fined $15,000 for corruption.

2         Nurul Aizat Bin Zainudin (“Aizat”), a 32-year-old male Singaporean, was charged on 26 September 2018 for one count of corruptly offering $50 to a dental assistant employed by T32 Dental Pte Ltd (“T32”) for each patient referred from T32 to Family Dental Centre Pte Ltd ("FDC"), an offence punishable under Section 6(b) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Chapter 241.

3         Investigations had revealed that during the time of offence, Aizat was employed as the Director, CEO and dentist of FDC. His services has since been terminated by FDC. On 28 May 2017, Aizat had messaged one Syakirah Atiqah Binte Samsul Bahar (“Syakirah”), a dental assistant employed by T32, and offered her $50 for each patient referred from T32 to FDC. The bribe was rejected by Syakirah and the matter was reported to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB). The CPIB would like to commend Syakirah for her act of integrity and honesty. 

4          In relation to Aizat’s professional misconduct, the Singapore Dental Council will be looking into the matter.

5          Singapore adopts a zero tolerance approach towards corruption. The CPIB takes a serious view of any corrupt practices and will not hesitate to take action against any party involved in such acts.

6          Members of the public are advised to reach out to the CPIB with information about possible corruption offences via the following channels:

a) Visit or write to us at the CPIB Headquarters @ 2 Lengkok Bahru, S159047 or Corruption Reporting & Heritage Centre @ 247 Whitley Road S297830;
b) Call the Duty Officer at 1800-376-0000;
c) Lodge an e-Complaint at; or
d) Email us at report [at]


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Last updated: 17 Oct 2018