Some advantages lead to unfavourable outcomes

Some advantages lead to unfavourable outcomes

           People may take advantage of situations or opportunities for their own benefit. However, not all advantages will result in a favourable outcome. Some advantages are just not meant to be taken! Find out how a law enforcer took advantage of a female offender but fell into the hands of the law himself…

2         The accused, Parthivan S/O Ramaya (Parthivan), was a Staff Sergeant of the Singapore Police Force (SPF), attached to the Ang Mo Kio Police Division Headquarters.

3         Investigations revealed that on 03 January 2013, Parthivan arrested one Dwi Sulistiani (Dwi) in connection to a theft case. She was then brought back to Ang Mo Kio Police Station.

4         On 04 January 2013, as an inducement for recommending leniency in Dwi’s theft case, Parthivan obtained physical intimacy from her in an interview room within Ang Mo Kio Police station. On the same day, Parthivan obtained sexual gratification and physical intimacy on three other occasions from Dwi in his Yishun Ring Road flat and at a stairwell along Fernvale Road as the rewards for recommending leniency in the investigation of her theft case.

5         Parthivan will be charged on 09 April 2013 for four counts of corruptly obtaining gratification, which is an offence punishable under Section 6(a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Chapter 241.

6         The respective charges are attached for reference.

7         Singapore has always adopted a zero tolerance approach towards corruption. The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) takes a serious view of any corrupt practices in Singapore and will not hesitate to take action against any parties involved in corrupt practices.

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Last updated: 28 Sep 2017