Note to BBC in response to BBC interview on 20 Sep

Note to BBC in response to BBC interview on 20 Sep

We refer to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World Service Radio report on 20 September 2013 concerning Singapore’s arrest of 14 persons suspected to be involved in a match-fixing syndicate.

In the report, you allowed an interviewee, one Mr “Declan Hill”, to make false allegations concerning Singapore’s commitment to fighting match-fixing, without asking for his basis or any substantiation. It is regrettable that BBC has allowed the interviewee to make such baseless allegations unchallenged by your interviewer. The Singapore authorities reject these serious allegations which are false and have cast negative aspersions on the high standing and integrity of our enforcement and judiciary system. Should the BBC or its interviewees have evidence that substantiate any of the allegations made against the Singapore authorities, or on match-fixing syndicates in Singapore, we advise that you contact us immediately to share such evidence so that action can be taken.

Match-fixing is a transnational crime involving a complex network of organized syndicates across many borders and legal jurisdictions. The arrest of the 14 suspects by the Singaporean authorities was a culmination of our concerted effort since 2011 to investigate into allegations of Singaporeans involved in global match-fixing. We have invested significant resources into building up a case backed by evidence across multiple jurisdictions. This has enabled us to arrest the 14 suspects, including the suspected mastermind, using Singapore laws as no other jurisdictions could have done likewise using their laws. In this regard, the Singapore authorities have worked closely with the INTERPOL Global Anti-Match-fixing Taskforce, including sharing information which was vital for the eventual operation against the syndicate.

Of the 14 persons arrested, five have been further detained while the other nine persons have been released on bail pending further investigations. The investigations are ongoing.

Please report this note on BBC World Service Radio and BBC website for the benefit of your listeners and readers.




Last updated: 29 Jan 2016