Ex-Senior HR Staffing Administrator of Seagate Charged for Corruption and Cheating

Ex-Senior HR Staffing Administrator of Seagate Charged for Corruption and Cheating Offences

          The accused, Loke Geok Nee was formerly a Senior Human Resource (HR) Staffing Administrator at Seagate Technology International (“Seagate”).

2         Investigations revealed that sometime between April and June 2007, the accused accepted a Tag Heuer watch valued at $780/- from Tan Cheng Hock, Director of AA Recruitment Network Pte Ltd (“AA Recruitment”) as an inducement to advance the company’s business interest with Seagate.

3         Subsequently, sometime around August 2007, AA Recruitment took part in a Seagate tender for the supply of People’s Republic of China (PRC) foreign workers. Before submitting the tender, Tan Cheng Hock contacted the accused for advice on the tender, which the accused provided. A week after Tan Cheng Hock submitted his bid for the tender, he offered to pay the accused S$1,000/- for each foreign worker that AA Recruitment recruited on Seagate’s behalf, should the contract be awarded to him. The accused subsequently prepared a tender report favouring AA Recruitment and the tender was awarded to AA Recruitment. After the award of the tender to AA Recruitment, a total of 140 PRC workers were recruited and Tan Cheng Hock gave a sum of S$140,000/- to the accused on 20 November 2007.

4         Investigations also revealed that the accused had cheated another of Seagate’s labour contractor, Wanco Manpower Pte Ltd (“Wanco”) of air-tickets to Qingdao China. On two occasions in November 2006, the accused falsely informed the Director of Wanco that she was required by Seagate to be present to supervise a training session for newly recruited workers in Qingdao, China which Wanco was required to conduct. Under such deception, the said Director was misled into purchasing for the accused return air-tickets on both occasions.

5         The accused appeared in court on 21 May 2010 for 2 counts of corruptly accepting gratifications under Section 6(a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Chapter 241 and 2 counts of cheating under Section 420 of the Penal Code, Cap 224.

Last updated: 15 Feb 2016