Ex-Operations Manager of a Halfway House on Graft Charges

Ex-Operations Manasrer of a Halfway House on Graft Charqes

          The accused is Supramaniam s/o Arujunan. At the material time, the accused was the Operations Manager of The Ashram, a half-way house operated by the Hindu Endowment Board to rehabilitate recovering Indian and Sikh drug addicts and integrate them back to the society and their families. The accused's duties at Ashram were:

(a) managing the House and disciplining the residents;
(b) counselling residents on religious aspects and secular topics such as anger management, overcoming the craving of drugs, time and money management;
(c) taking charge of residents' physical training;
(d) deploying residents for work programme; and
(e) looking after the welfare of the residents.

2         Investigations revealed that the accused had on 4 occasions between February and June 2007 corruptly obtained or attempted to obtain gratifications in the form of loans totaling $5,000 from four residents of The Ashram as inducements to refrain from showing disfavour to the four residents.

3         The accused appeared in Court on 9 April 2010 for 4 counts under Section 6(a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Cap 241 for corruptly obtaining and attempting to obtain thegratifications. 

Last updated: 15 Feb 2016