Ex-Customer Service Agent of SATS Charged for Graft

Ex-Customer Service Agent of SATS Charged for Graft

        The accused, Murali Gobal Krisnan was a Customer Service Agent employed by Singapore Airport Terminal Services Limited (SATS) at the time of the offence. He was assigned to handle Cathay Pacific Airline flights at the check-in counters of Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1. His duties included assisting passengers to check in for their flights and verifying that the checking-in passengers’ baggage do not exceed the airline’s stipulated weight limit. In the event that the weight of the check-in baggage exceeds the stipulated weight limit, he is to collect excess baggage charges.

2      Investigation revealed that sometime in late December 2008, when the accused was performing check-in duties, one Kulathunga Arachchilage Nayanajith Lanka Kulathunga @ Darrol Rocago Rimers (Lanka), a Sri Lankan National whom he had befriended earlier, approached him at the counter and requested him to waive the excess baggage charge for two passengers. Subsequently in early January 2009, Lanka met the accused at Little India where he passed a sum of $100/- to the accused for waiving the excess baggage charge.

3      Investigation further revealed that in January 2009, the accused accepted another 2 sums of $200/- each from Lanka on two separate occasions in a toilet in Changi Airport Terminal 1 as a reward for waiving the excess baggage charges for two other groups of passengers on two different flights.

4      The accused appeared in court on 28th July 2010 for the offence of corruptly accepting gratifications under Section 6(a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Chapter 241

Last updated: 12 Feb 2016