Ex-CEO of AEM-Evertech Charged for Corruption and Immigration Offences

Former CEO and MD of Singapore-listed AEM-Evertech Charged for Corruption and lmmigration Offences

          The accused, Ang Seng Thor, was the Managing Director of Ever Technologies Pte Ltd until the company merged with AEM Tech Engineers Pte Ltd in December 2000 to form AEMEvertech Holdings Ltd (AEM-Evertech). The accused subsequently became the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of AEM-Evertech.

2         Investigation revealed that in January 2004, the accused and Tok Kian You, the ex-Executive Chairman of AEM-Evertech, gave a $50,0001- bribe to one Tan Gek Chuan, the Operations Director of Infmeon Technologies Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Subsequently on 3 occasions between October 2004 and March 2005, the accused gave bribes, amounting to $157,508.101- to one Ho Sze Khee, an Assistant Engineer of Seagate Technology International. The bribes were given to Tan Gek Chuan and Ho Sze Khee to advance the business interests of AEMEvertech with Infineon Technologies Malaysia and Seagate Technology International respectively.

3         Investigation also revealed that in August 2000, to assist one Siow Sing Heng obtain Permanent Residence status in Singapore, the accused made false declarations to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), stating that the said Siow Sing Heng was an employee of Ever Technologies Pte Ltd when it was not true.

4         The accused appeared in court on 12 May 2010 for 2 counts of making false declaration to ICA under Section 57(l)(k), Immigration Act, Cap 133 and 4 counts of corruptly giving gratifications under Section 6(b) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Cap 241. 

Last updated: 03 Jan 2018