Ex-AETOS Officer on Corruption and Forgery Charges

Ex-AETOS Officer on Corruption and Forgery Charges

          The accused, Quek Yu Meng, Eddie, is a 26 year-old Singaporean.

2        Investigation revealed that between May and November 2008, the accused was employed by AETOS Security Consultants Pte Ltd (“AETOS”) and attached to the National Environment Agency (NEA) as an enforcement officer. It is alleged that on 31 October 2008, the accused caught 3 teenagers littering cigarette butts in the vicinity of Woodlands Civic Centre. He identified himself as an enforcement officer and proceeded to take down their identities and contact numbers. However, instead of reporting these 3 teenagers to the relevant authorities, the accused released them on the spot. In February 2009, the accused, who had by then left the employment of AETOS, contacted one of the teenagers, an under-aged female. Posing as a NEA officer, the accused arranged to meet up with the female teenager and demanded for gratification, either in the form of sex or money in return for not informing her parents of the offences that she was earlier caught for.

3        In addition, in September 2008, the accused was also alleged to have accepted a gratification of a sum of $50 from a male Chinese for not taking enforcement action against the male Chinese for an offence of littering; and in November 2007, used a forged education certificate to apply for a position with Popular Book Company Pte Ltd.

4        The accused was charged in court on 22nd October 2010 for 2 charges under the Prevention of Corruption Act and 1 charge for forgery under Section 471 read with Section 465 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224.

5        The accused is also facing other forgery charges under Section 465 of the Penal Code, Chapter 241, which were investigated by the Police

Last updated: 12 Feb 2016