Bribing into More Serious Trouble

Bribing into More Serious Trouble

                Drink-driving is a serious offence that poses serious threats to public safety. Any attempt to avoid arrest through bribery would only aggravate the wrongdoing.

2          On 3 April 2019, Chong Wei Kwong ("Chong") (谢振光), a 48-year-old Singaporean male, was charged with one count of corruptly offering a gratification of $1000 to Staff Sergeant Low Wee Meng ("SSgt Low"), a Police Officer with the Singapore Police Force, as an inducement for SSgt Low to refrain from arresting Chong for an offence of drink-driving. This constitutes an offence punishable under Section 6(b) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Chapter 241. The bribe was rejected by SSgt Low.

3           Singapore adopts a zero-tolerance approach towards corruption. It is a serious offence to bribe or attempt to bribe public officers. Any person who is convicted of corruption can be fined up to $100,000 or sentenced to imprisonment of up to 5 years or to both.

4            The CPIB looks into all corruption complaints and reports, including anonymous ones, and can be reached via the following channels:

a) Visit or write to us at the CPIB Headquarters @ 2 Lengkok Bahru, S159047 or Corruption Reporting & Heritage Centre @ 247 Whitley Road S297830;
b) Call the Duty Officer at 1800-376-0000;
c) Lodge an e-Complaint at; or
d) Email us at report [at]


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Last updated: 23 Apr 2019