CPIB's Latest Recruit
kopi lim main picture
18 Sep 2017

A warm welcome to our newest officer of the CPIB! Reporting to work on Monday, 18 September 2017, Kopi Lim will be bringing you more insights into our anti-corruption work. 

As an introduction, he shares some interesting facts about himself.

kopi lim cv

On his first day, Kopi Lim is feeling the jitters because he don’t know if he will fit in or not. He had some time to read up on the CPIB’s history and found out that coincidentally, today is CPIB's 65th annivesary! Founded in 1952, the first Director CPIB, Mr Richard Middleton-Smith led a lean outfit of only 13 officers to combat corruption. From their small room at the Old Supreme Court, the team managed to uncover widespread corruption and valuable information on opium smuggling. Corruption was rife then. 5 locations and 65 years later, Singapore is now one of the least corrupt nations in the world. 

kopi lim first day

kopi lim 1st day

Kopi is excited to learn more. Watch this space as he shares his findings in the upcoming days!

Last updated: 18 Sep 2017