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CPIB Public Perception Survey 2018
public perception survey 2018
14 Jun 2018 to 20 Jul 2018


The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) will be conducting a Public Perception Survey to gauge public awareness and perception of CPIB’s anti-corruption work. The survey will be conducted over a one-month period commencing late June.

An independent market research agency, Media Research Consultants Pte. Ltd. (MRC), has been engaged by the CPIB to conduct face-to-face interviews during the aforementioned period.  All interviewers will bear an authorisation letter issued by the CPIB and an MRC interviewer pass displaying the interviewer’s name, identification number and photograph.

We look forward to your support and participation in the survey.  If you have any queries on the survey, please contact Ms Magdelene Lee from Media Research Consultants Pte. Ltd. at 6350 3958 or email MagdeleneLee [at] mediacorp.com.sg. You may also call the CPIB Quality Service Manager (QSM) hotline at 1800 270-0855 if you wish to verify the identity of the interviewer.

Last updated: 14 Jun 2018