e-Appointment for Corruption Reporting @ Whitley Road

Members of the public may make an appointment to lodge a corruption complaint with a Duty Officer at the Corruption Reporting and Heritage Centre (CRHC).

The CRHC is located at 247 Whitley Road, Singapore 297830.


Once an appointment is made, users will not be able to cancel or amend the appointment in the system but may choose another slot.

* This e-Service will require 5  minutes to complete.

* If users encounter any errors with the e-Service, please email info [at] cpib.gov.sg with information on the issue. 

How Does CPIB Handle Corruption Complaints?
  • Step 1
    Corruption complaint has been successfully lodged with the Duty Officer at the Corruption Reporting and Heritage Centre.
  • Step 2
    All corruption complaints received by the Bureau will be channeled to the Complaints Evaluation Committee (CEC) for evaluation.
    Click here to know more about how corruption complaints are managed.
  • Step 3
    Applicants will be notified if more information is required.
Last updated: 06 Oct 2020