No Escape From Long Arm Of Law
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No one is too young or too old to contribute in the fight against corruption. Everyone has a part to play in ensuring that the venal does not take root in our society.  

On 27 January 2014, Muhammad Danial Bin Anwar, a Polytechnic student then, encountered a young boy who was robbed of his handphone. The boy asked Muhammad Danial Bin Anwar for help. The latter called the Police and the two decided to follow the robber. Muhammad Danial Bin Anwar asked another passer-by, then-Secondary School student Muhamad Danial Harith Bin Eaddy (who coincidentally shared the same name) for help in apprehending the robber.

The robber retaliated and attacked Muhamad Danial Harith when he tried to stop him. The robber offered Muhamad Danial Harith S$20 as medical compensation for hurting him but the offer was rejected. The robber then offered him S$50 in exchange for not handing him over to the Police. Once again, Muhamad Danial Harith rejected the offer. The robber managed to escape but he was finally stopped by the youths again. He attempted to bribe Muhammad Danial Bin Anwar this time with S$50 for his release before the Police arrived. Muhammad Danial Bin Anwar rejected the offer.

The robber was subsequently subdued by the Police. The case was referred by the Singapore Police Force to the CPIB. The accused was subsequently charged and sentenced to 4 weeks' imprisonment for corruption with effect from 20 April 2015.

Last updated: 15 Aug 2016

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