A negotiation deal went wrong
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negotiation went wrong

As a supplier quality engineer, one of Nagvekar Samir Kishor’s responsibilities was to conduct price review negotiations between his company, Reservoir Product Manufacturing (S) Pte Ltd, and its suppliers.  

In April 2013, Samir was introduced to Sean Tan, Business Development Director of Telford Industry Co.Ltd to discuss on a regular price review as required in their contract agreement. After the meeting, Samir informed Tan that he could help to postpone the price review to a later date if Tan could help him on a personal matter. At that juncture, Tan understood that Samir wanted something from him in return for delaying the price review by three months. Samir added that he was in urgent need of money and he needed S$15,000. Tan rejected Samir’s repeated requests for the bribe on several occasions. Eventually, a police report was made and the matter was then referred to the CPIB.

Nagvekar Samir Kishor was charged and fined S$15,000 on 17 Dec 2013 for corruption offences.

Last updated: 29 Jan 2016

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