A game of chess
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Behind The Scenes - Game of Chess

Kogularam Naidu
Deputy Head 


At CPIB, we're responsible for the investigation and prevention of corruption in Singapore. We want to keep Singapore corruption-free and ensure that offenders are brought to justice. This involves interviews with suspects in graft cases, field-work to uncover forensic evidence and, subsequently, taking offenders to task.

A game of chess - As an investigation officer, I’m always on my toes trying to figure out the various modus operandi of an individual, especially during an interview. Every interview is like a game of chess – you’re always thinking ahead of your opponents and calculating the possible moves they’ll make. It gets especially tricky when you deal with a repeat offender. They know that you’re on a fact-finding mission, and they’ll try various ways not to disclose information that might incriminate them.

I’m proud to be part of an elite group of graft-busters in Singapore.  I enjoy what I do, and I hope to carry on fighting corruption for as long as I can. I wish to keep corruption levels in Singapore low, as it helps our country maintain its high standards and reputation. 

Last updated: 15 Oct 2018