Corrupt Practices Investigation Officer (CPIO)
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Career as a CPIO

As a Corrupt Practices Investigation Officer (CPIO), you will be part of a dynamic team of officers dedicated to the mission of combating corruption.

The CPIB will provide you with the opportunity to realise your potential. Apart from investigation duties, there will be exposure to other areas of work such as international affairs, policy formulation and public education.

Starting Salaries

$4,100 - $5,114 (indicative salary range for degree holders; successful candidates with relevant work experience will be remunerated accordingly).

Basic Training And Bond

Upon appointment, you will need to undergo a 4-month basic training course on the fundamentals of the criminal laws, basic investigative skills, and firearms handling.  You are required to fulfil a 2-year bond after the training.

There is currently no recruitment exercise for CPIO. All interested applicants are encouraged to look out for available positions on Careers@Gov website. Applications can only be submitted through Careers@Gov website during the Bureau’s recruitment exercises.




Last updated: 20 May 2021