Organisational Structure
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Headed by Director CPIB, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) has three main departments – Investigations, Operations and Corporate Affairs.




The Investigations Department executes the main function of the Bureau in investigating offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act. This department consists of three divisions: Investigations Operations, Training Development & Policy, and Training Operations. 


The Investigation Operations Division consists of 5 investigation branches specialising in different areas. The Special Investigations Branch (Public) and Special Investigations Branch (Private) focus on corruption cases in the public sector and the private sector respectively while the Financial Investigations Branch conducts money laundering and transnational corruption investigations. The General Investigations Branches investigate the day-to-day corruption cases. 


The Training Development & Policy Division reviews training and development policies of the Bureau and seeks to enhance the overall competency level of all CPIB officers. The Division also analyses corruption trends and is tasked with crafting investigative policies to address deficiencies uncovered in organisations during a corruption investigation. 


The Training Operations Division is responsible for curriculum planning and conducting courses in corruption investigation.



The Operations Department consists of three divisions: Intelligence Operations, Intelligence Analysis & International Affairs, and Science & Tech / Special Projects. 


The Intelligence Operations Division gathers intelligence to support detection and investigation of corruption offences. The Division is also responsible for driving the Bureau's data management and analytics efforts.


The Intelligence Analysis & International Affairs Division undertakes intelligence analysis to support detection and investigation of corruption offences. It also spearheads the Bureau’s international engagement, including involvement in various international anti-corruption platforms.


The Science & Tech / Special Projects Division supports the Investigations and Operations Departments with specialized investigative tools like credibility assessment and digital forensics. It also helps with capabilities development and the use of new technology. 



There are five divisions under the Corporate Affairs Department - People Management & Development, Finance & Administration, Planning, Research, & Corporate Relations, Information Technology, and Digital Transformation Office. 


The Finance & Administration Division is responsible for the financial, procurement and asset matters of the Bureau and provides various administrative services and support. Their role also includes looking after the infrastructure and facilities development projects as well as facilitating the maintenance of the Bureau. 


The People Management & Development Division designs, reviews and implements HR strategies that are aligned with CPIB's strategic directions. In addition, they are tasked with developing and building capabilities to meet CPIB’s operational requirements and to handle personnel administration and operations. 


The Planning, Research, & Corporate Relations Division spearheads the Bureau's strategic planning, organisational development and excellence and change management. Bolstering the Bureau’s knowledge bank, the Division conducts research studies. As the public front for the Bureau, this Division also drives education, engagement and outreach efforts on anti-corruption, and manages corporate relations matters. 


The Information Technology Division strives to incorporate and harness IT into the Bureau's operation so as to support the Bureau's functions and being digital to the core.


Finally, the Digital Transformation Office drives the various digitalisation projects and ensures smooth rollout of all digitalisation efforts in accordance with the overall Bureau Digitalisation Blueprint.





The Office of Internal Audit, an independent unit in the Bureau reporting directly to Director CPIB, serves a critical function to protect organisational value through providing advice and insights on sound governance and effective risk management. The Office conducts audits to ensure high integrity of internal control processes within the Bureau. 

Last updated: 09 Jun 2020