Corruption Casebook – Stories from Under The Table
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Corruption has far-reaching consequences in various aspects of society. As part of CPIB’s prevention and outreach efforts the CPIB has developed an e-Book titled "The Corruption Casebook - Stories From Under The Table" featuring stories on past cases of corruption. We hope it will be an interesting and insightful read, especially for our youth who may not have encountered corruption before.

The various chapters of the e-Book will be introduced every Monday (download links) below. If you have any feedback,  we would like to hear from you at info [at]


Chapters 1 and 2: Introduction To Corruption & How It Affects Society and National Safety & Security Threatened By Corruption

Chapter 3: Corruption Endangers Public Health

Chapter 4: Corruption Hurts Economic Development and Growth

Chapter 5: Upholding The Highest Standard Of Integrity

Conclusion and Chapter 6: Integrity In Sports Undermined By Corruption

Last updated: 16 Nov 2020