SingPost's Assistant Manager Charged for Corruption and Cheating

SingPost’s Assistant Manager Charged for Corruption and Cheating

          The accused, Phang Soo Chyi, joined Singapore Post Ltd in Oct 2006. He is an Assistant Manager at the Sameday Courier Network, a section under the Logistics Department of Singapore Post Ltd that manages the delivery and pick-up of parcels. The section deploys staff from Singapore Post Ltd and contractor couriers to cover the delivery and pickup within Singapore. At the material time, the accused’s duties included liaising with the contractors on matters such as beat allocation, rates, complaints and achievement of performance indicators.

2         Investigation revealed that between Sep 2007 and Jan 2009, the accused obtained loans from Singapore Post’s contractors and sub-contractors under his supervision. He obtained loans ranging from $20 to $3,000 from each of them as an inducement to refrain from showing disfavour to the companies in relation to their performance in delivering parcels on behalf of Singapore Post. In total, he obtained loans amounting to $8,350/- from the following contractors and sub-contractors: 

(a) Heng Hock Kheng, a Director of D & W Express Services; 
(b) Heng Yeow Chuan Albert, a sub-contractor engaged by Donroy Trading Pte Ltd; 
(c) Ow Poh Huat (Hu Baofa), the sole-proprietor of Lewis Contract Services; (d) Matsom bin Sariphee, the sole-proprietor of Sky Venture Integrated; 
(e) Yap Chew Ming, the sole-proprietor of Techtron Services; 
(f) See Yong Soon (Xu Yong Soon), a sub-contractor engaged by Techtron Services; and 
(g) Jagjit Singh Narwal s/o Banta Singh, a driver engaged by Simran Gurkirat Logistics. 

3         Investigation also revealed that the accused approached Koh Tiu Ling @ Koh Hoe Chien, Director of United Post (S) Pte Ltd, for a loan of $3,000 and deceived Koh Tiu Ling into giving him the loan by making Koh Tiu Ling believe that he was able to repay the loan when he issued Koh Tiu Ling a post-dated cheque of the same amount when in actual fact, the account had already been closed by the bank. 

4         The accused appeared in court on 15 Jun 2010 for 10 counts of corruption offences under Section 6(a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Chapter 241, and 1 count of cheating under Section 420 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224. 

Last updated: 12 Feb 2016